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mardi, 29 novembre 2005

Journée internationale

de la langue basque















(première journée de la langue basque en 1947)




Declaration of Eusko Ikaskuntza - Basque Studies Society celebrating the International Euskara Day
Extended throughout Vasconia, Euskara (the Basque language), is the Basque people's own language. And Vasconia is a European cultural space situated on both sides of the Pyrenees, that is, in both France and Spain. Euskara, therefore, is spoken in the continental Basque Country, in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country and in the Statutory Community of Navarre. Euskara is also present in many other parts of the planet, thanks to local Basque communities.

Euskara has had its own International Day since 1948. Precisely, in the VII Eusko Ikaskuntza Congress held that year in Bayonne, Lapurdi, the following agreement was reached: "Une journée de la Langue Basque dans le monde entier sera celebrée une fois par an, le 3 décembre, jour de la fête de Saint-François Xavier, sous les auspices d'Eskualzaleen Biltzarra et d´Eusko Ikaskuntzen Lagunartea".

After a progressive decline, to the point of risking extinction, in a single generation, what is considered the Oldest Language in Europe has been able to reach out to the highest research circles after becoming a reality in the universities.

However, how can we triumph at the linguistic level which, because of competition often gets excluded? Euskara must be aware of its possibilities. Baring all of that in mind, the Basque society should carry out an adequate design for its language to make headway day after day. Working in favour of Euskara means reinforcing international cultural diversity, in collaboration with the rest of the languages.

The Basque language needs international aid because, on its own, it will be difficult for the Basque people to make their language survive. The International Euskara Day pretends to procure the support of all those people and entities who believe in universal cultural wealth.

For all these reasons, Eusko Ikaskuntza presents the following
1. - Euskara, considered the Oldest Language in Europe, is part of the international cultural heritage.
2. - Euskara, a European language, needs firm support from local, regional, national and European institutions by enacting legislation that guarantees its development as a contemporary language.
3. - Euskara must be elevated to the rank of official language of the European Union, together with the other languages of member States.
4. - Individual and collective support for this Declaration from the international community will make the aforementioned objectives possible.

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